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Sep 26

Anonymous asked: “Charles,” Erik started to press his advantage. It was met with a rumbling growl, and Erik’s own expression twisted in distaste until Charles stepped away, clearly appalled with himself. “Six,” They agreed hastily. “I’m going to have a shower,” Charles informed him, and Erik knew exactly what that meant. He eyed the box of dildos resentfully, and settled for the blue one. Charles didn’t even have the decency to start the water before he began moaning obscenely. Asshole.

lol Charles, why such a jerk? XD

still looooooooooooooving this <3333

Anonymous asked: “Seven days, and the medication will have mostly worn off,” Charles explained, and his voice was so low, and unabashedly teasing, and Erik really didn’t want to be left with toys they hadn’t used in years. “Seven?” Erik asked, and he tried for something other than a whine. He was less than successful, but Charles licked his lips and shifted his hips, so perhaps pleading wasn’t the wrong way to go. “S-six,” Charles conceded, and then his expression turned stubborn to make up for it.

lol Erik’s whine <33333333333

Anonymous asked: He ducked back in and the contents of a box rattled followed by a soft ‘ah ha’ noise. Charles brought the box out and reached in, pulling something out. “Remember these?”Of course Erik did, and while there were fond memories associated with the items in question, they were far from what Erik currently wanted. Charles, however, was smiling as though he had solved all the world’s problems. He placed the box at Erik’s side, and Charles' attention was back on him.


Anonymous asked: Charles disappeared into the closet, and Erik could hear him shifting clothing and various boxes and things that had accumulated over the years. “Your cycle lasts about six days, so without me it will probably last eight or more.” Erik scowled. “Without you?” Charles popped his head back out. “Don’t frown, you’ll wrinkle. And, yes, without me. Temporarily.”

"Don’t frown, you’ll wrinkle" lol XD

Sep 25

Anonymous asked: “You would think it would make knotting easier.” Charles groused. And Erik could not have agreed more, but, in a way it was… touching. That even with hormones racing at new highs, Charles was still most concerned about Erik. Erik kissed his temple, and then abruptly, Charles stood up and headed for their closet. Erik watched, curiously, and with a renewed hunger.

yes, Charles is a sweetie! <33333

Anonymous asked: Charles’ scent was off, but the sight of him was very much not. Smooth skin, thighs, ass, those hips, that waist. Charles’ gait was ever so slightly off, and Erik’s mouth watered.

my mouth would water tooooo <33333 XD

Anonymous asked: Charles moved back and Erik was left feeling empty, because that base biological imperative was ever present. His heats had become much calmer since they imprinted, and because they’d gotten older, but Erik still preferred Charles inside him and not seated at the foot of the bed with his back to him. “Charles, I know it’s just the hormones,” Erik told him as he carefully made his way to sit beside him. “I thought they would help.” Charles defended unnecessarily.

awww, this fail!sex is sad for both of them :(

Anonymous asked: “I’m surprised you noticed,” Erik said, perhaps more cruelly than he intended. It wasn’t Charles’ fault, but the fact remained that the sex wasn’t good. Erik much preferred when Charles whispered softly to him, murmured into his skin. He liked that Charles wasn’t frenzied, but slow and deliberate. Every touch was thoughtful and aimed to please. But if Charles could just knot and get this over with instead of this hybrid alpha-instinct and Charles-sensitivity Erik would be much happier for it.

awww, Erik, don’t be mean to Charles D:

Sep 24

Anonymous asked: Fifteen minutes, and Charles had yet to knot. Erik found it frustrating and his muscles were beginning to ache from maintaining the supposed optimum position. “C’mon,” he grunted. “I’m-I’m sorry, it’s just, you aren’t enjoying this, are you?” Erik tried to turn to catch a glimpse of his mate. “I said it’s fine.” Charles sighed. “It’s not though, you’re obviously not comfortable, and I can’t… not while you’re so obviously unsatisfied.”


Anonymous asked: Charles was rough where he was usually tender, he bit and he still smelled wrong, and he growled. Charles actually growled at him. Erik did not like it. It was like Charles was some imposter, and Erik knew it was the medication, but he couldn’t shake it. “Erik?” Charles asked, and Erik realized he hadn’t been acting himself either. “It’s fine.” He answered. If it increased the likelihood of children, Erik could withstand anything.

Charles, really, growling! *wags finger*

Anonymous asked: Erik sniffed curiously. It was Charles, but it wasn’t. He smelled… alpha, but not quite. Erik did not like it. It must have shown on his face, because now Charles was giving him a perplexed look. “You smell wrong.” Erik explained bluntly. Charles smiled that odd, half-embarrassed, half-resigned smile. “Ah, well, I thought, maybe hormone supplements would help…” And that was all Erik needed to hear, so he left the matter alone. And then his heat cycle started.


Jul 15

Anonymous asked: “We keep trying,” Charles agreed, leaning into Erik, the back of his head resting in the space between Erik’s neck and shoulders. Erik kissed his temple. He would try forever, and they could adopt in the meantime. Charles was meant to be a parent, beta or not, and Erik would do whatever he needed to see it happen. Family was family, and he’d spent long enough without.

Awwww, they’re going to adopt! I bet they get pregnant like three seconds later too. <3333

Jul 14

Anonymous asked: Charles dried his hands on a towel, one of the plush monogrammed ones hanging near the door. “So we keep trying,” Erik said, stubbornly ignoring that they’d been trying for months, he closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around Charles’ middle. “I certainly don’t find the process a burden.” There was a near tangible leer in his voice and he knew it would earn him a mischievous grin in return.

So much love for this!! <33333

Anonymous asked: “It could be,” Erik tried again, prepared to launch into a dissertation based on an article he’d found about pesticides in food affecting fertility.“Erik,” Charles said firmly, “you’re an omega. I’m a beta. We knew…” he seemed to swallow something back and Erik realized Charles was hurting and that he was, inadvertently, needling the wound. “We knew the odds weren’t good.”


I am loving this, nonnie. <33333

Anonymous asked: “I could get tested,” Erik suggested as Charles threw out the latest ept. Charles scoffed and chased Erik out of the way to wash his hands. “We both know it isn’t you,” he said as if it didn’t matter. It was a trait both loved and loathed that Charles could pass through life as though he was never affected, never hurt or offended. Anything could be changed or forgiven. Erik felt something tight in his chest. Charles would be a good parent. ((continued?))

OMG I don’t know why this is in my ask box but I love it to pieces. IT’S LIKE YOU KNOW ME, ANON. <3333