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May 16

I love being basically married (boo Ohio) to a fellow writer in my own fandom. Makes real life so much more interesting. XD

  • Pragmatic: *writes sad Charles stuff in a fic that we all know can only end badly since it's meant to tie the movie canons together*
  • Me: You're such a bitch and I hate you for making Charles sad.
  • Me: *tell Pragmatic about one of my stories where I plan to paralyze Charles in the first scene and make him and Erik have relationship problems and there will be sad but Charles will be pretty much used to the chair and the relationship stuff will be repaired by the end of the story*
  • Pragmatic: Wow, stop being such an asshole to Charles! That's horrible and you're horrible, why would you do that to Charles?
  • Me: You're meaner to Charles than I am, I may paralyze him (which is canon btw), but at least he ends up in a good place by the end, but you make him SAD and don't take it back!
  • *cue fight about who is meaner to Charles*

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